Philosophy and Mission

NT Conservatory is a K – 12 school based on the philosophy that the objective of education should be to “educe”, to draw out what each student has inside, namely his/her gift or talent, what NTC refers to as forte’. Every child is a prodigy, needing only to have his/her forte’ discovered, nurtured, developed, and directed toward a productive, fulfilling life. Students not only receive specialized instruction in their forte’s, they are also mentored by professionals in their field. Traditional subjects are personalized, arts integrated, project based, and forte’ driven¬†with the belief that students are more likely to take a personal interest in learning and achieving academically.¬† It is the philosophy of NTC, also, that learning should be an experience. Therefore, learning is project evaluated, designed by an Experience Design Team of certified teachers, industry leaders, and professionals, including professional artists. The learning environment is a hybrid of traditional and organic settings, from grade level grouping and mixing, to bullpens where personalized learning is facilitated by an instructional team, and one on one instruction.

It is the mission of NTC to yield a vanguard of conscious artists, world-class athletes, and leading academians who emerge, Associate of Arts Degrees in hand, prepared for higher learning and the realization of their dreams – future captains of industry and shapers of society.